A man who stabbed his wife to death in a frenzied attack just days after he was released by police without charge for assaulting her has been jailed for life.

Bulent Sessacar stabbed Rebecca Sessacar 58 times with two kitchen knives in an attack so brutal one of the knife handles broke.

Mrs Sessacar, a trainee teaching assistant who also worked at Asda in Beddington, was killed by Sessacar at their home in Duppas Hill Terrace, Croydon, on December 20, 2012.

The attack came two days after police had arrested Sessacar over a domestic incident where he held Mrs Sessacar's head back as he tried to see if she had taken cocaine.

It also emerged today at court police had visited the address 45 minutes before Mrs Sessacar was found stabbed to death after neighbours reported hearing screams.

But the police did not go inside and only found her body when they returned 45 minutes later.

Mr Sessacar was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 10 and eight months years today after admitting manslaughter due to dimished responsibility.

The Old Bailey was told today that the attack occurred after Mr Sessacar, who was also in another relationship at the time, had become obsessed with his wife taking cocaine.

He had been arrested on December 18 for a domestic incident where he held Mrs Sessacar's head back as he tried to see if she had taken cocaine.

He was released the next day after his wife refused to press charges. There were no bail conditions.

Mr Sessacar, who was a drug abuser and suffers from a mixed personality disorder, later texted a friend saying he was unhappy.

On December 20, a neighbour of Mr Sessacar heard a scream coming from Rebecca Sessacar.

He said it was not a normal scream and he then heard the sound of a body being dragged across the floor.

The neighbour called the police at 2.57pm but when they arrived the flat was silent and in darkness. The curtain had been drawn so they went back to the police station.

Officers returned a second time at 3.45pm and after drawing the curtain that was blocking the view from the letterbox, they could see a trail of blood.

They entered the room and found a blood stained body on the floor with the head covered in a cushion. There was blood splatters around the flat and there signs it had been a violent struggle.

A post mortem examination found she had been stabbed 58 times in the frenzied attack. There were also signs of other injuries which were from a previous attack.

The stab wounds were mainly on her head, neck and upper back.

There were two kitchen knives next to the body, one of which had been broken away from the handle.

Mr Sessacar was also found in the flat. He had stab wounds to his thigh and also had vomit round his neck.

He then had a seizure and was taken to hospital. After further examination it was found he had overdosed on drugs.

Judge Nicholas Cooke, said "The circumstances of this offence were extremely grave. You stabbed a defenceless victim to death in a ferocious attack.

"You are are dangerous and will remain so. It is a life sentence which means you will be released when it is decided it is safe to do so."

"I have utmost sympathy for the deceased's family."