A member of chart-topping boyband JLS said he is "horrified" by plans to build an incinerator in Beddington.

Jonathan 'JB' Gill, a member of the Brit Award winning act that found fame through the X-Factor, has backed the campaign to stop an Energy Recovery Facility being built of Beddington Lane.

The incinerator will take non-recyclable rubbish from Sutton, Croydon, Merton and Kingston and convert it into heat and electricity for nearby homes.

But campaign group Stop the Incinerator fears the resulting fumes will cause harm to the local population and could even get into local water supplies and the food chain.

Mr Gill, who grew up in Croydon and now owns a farm in Scotland, said: "Air pollution is a known killer.

"How can they justify building something that will increase air pollution when everyone agrees we need to reduce it?

"There are cheaper and safer ways of dealing with our rubbish than burning it. I wish Stop The Incinerator every success with their campaign.

"To me this is horrifying. It’s not just in the air you breathe, it can also get into the food you eat."

The plant was given planning permission by Sutton Council last year but campaigner Shasha Khan has launched a bid to get that planning consent overturned through a judicial review.