A knifeman caught on camera brandishing a samurai sword at passersby after attacking a man in a café has been sectioned.

Thousands of people watched footage of Lulzim Osaj, aged 45, ranting and slamming the blade onto tables at Cappucino in London Road, Norbury, after it emerged online last year.

Albanian-born Osaj, of Colmer Road, Streatham, visited the café to confront the man, a former friend, during an ongoing feud on July 15.

The pair argued before Osaj hit the victim with a laptop bag, Croydon Crown Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Zoe Jacob said: "The victim hit him with a fork. Osaj then hit the victim with the samurai sword and caused a cut to his arm."

Osaj then left the café brandishing the decorative sword at onlookers before being arrested in London Road.

Edward Atkinson, defending, said Osaj suffered mental health problems, for which he took medication, and had been affected by break-up of his relationship at the time of the attack.

He added the Osaj had received threatening texts and phonecalls and had armed himself because had once seen the victim with a gun.

Mr Atkinson said: "He wanted to have an ordinary fight with the victim but says he saw the victim move to pick up a steak knife.

"The victim continue coming at the defendant even when the samurai sword was produced."

The two men brawled in the café, upturning chairs and tables, before Osaj left. He was wrestled to the ground by police officers and arrested on London Road soon after.

Osaj pleaded guilty to affray and threatening with an offensive weapon on October 20.

He had initially also been charged with grievous bodily harm, possession of a pointed and/or bladed article, criminal damage and theft, but those charges were dropped.

After reading a report compiled by doctors, Judge Nicholas Ainley said "the only option available" was to detain Osaj in hospital for treatment under section 37 of the Mental Health Act.