Comedian and Palace fan Eddie Izzard hit the streets of Croydon town centre on Friday as part of Labour's local election campaign.

He was joined by Croydon’s Labour group leader Councillor tony Newman, Croydon Central Parliamentary candidate Sarah Jones and a number of other Labour councillors.

The group gathered in front of the Croydon Town Hall before walking down to North End and Surrey Street Market on Friday, where Mr Izzard interacted with shoppers and business owners in the sunshine.

Croydon Guardian:

Eddie Izzard in Surrey Street Market 

He said: "The sunshine today comes from the Labour party.

While in Surrey Street Market, Mr Izzard bought a tangerine from a market trader saying, "I want to put some money into the system."

Encouraging individuals to vote in the upcoming European election is important for Mr Izzard, as he feels that Europe is "a very positive place" and "a great adventure".

He said: "Let’s take Europe and build it into an amazing thing."

Describing himself as being "very young at heart", Mr Izzard said: "I want to inspire [young people], to say come with us.

"Vote on the May 22 or get your parents to vote on May 22, because we’re the people that can change things for a more brighter, positive future.

"I don’t feel that the Conservatives can do that; the food bank figures that have come out today just show that the recovery is just for the few and not for the many."

However, he also encouraged young people to get more involved in politics and start making changes themselves, because "politics is not going to go away".

Croydon Guardian:

Izzard was campaigning for Labour