Psychic canine Roy Dog-son has predicted Italy, not England, will win tomorrow’s Group D fixture.

Mr Dog-son, who lives at the Riverside Animal Centre in Beddington, made the unpatriotic forecast earlier this morning.

We were hoping the four-legged football expert would predict England will win-a-lot in the tournament, but sadly that does not appear to be the case.

Mr Dog-son thinks Jack Woof-shore will have a good game, bur Ross Bark-ley will give the ball away allowing Italy to score.

The part-greyhound part-rhodesian ridgeback was faced with two bowls, one with an Italy flag and one with an England flag.

By devouring the food in the Italy bowl he made his prediction known.

The future-seeing pooch proved his psychic abilities in the past when he guessed the Liberal Democrats would win the Sutton local elections.

Mr Dog-son was unavailable for comment when pressed to change his prediction, saying only he refused to roll over.

Croydon Guardian:

Judas: Roy Dog-son is backing the Italians