Croydon Council is set to appoint its interim chief executive on a permanent basis.

Nathan Elvery has held the interim position since February last year, when he took over from Jon Rouse.

His duties so far have included approving the £1bn regeneration of the town centre, securing the largest funding allocation for school building in the country and leading the operation to avert a flooding crisis in the borough earlier this year.

The 45-year-old joined the council as director of finance in 2004.

He became executive director of resources and customer services in 2008, and was also appointed deputy chief executive in the same year.

Mr Elvery has held previous roles with Westminster City Council, the Greater London Authority and district government.

He will be confirmed as chief executive subject to approval by full council at its next meeting on July 15.

Mr Elvery said: "There are exciting times for Croydon and we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead the way in securing homes, jobs and a strong economic future for all residents of the borough.

"We face a series of major challenges but I am confident that the political leadership of the council is bold and ambitious and I am looking forward to working with the new administration.

"It will be my job to support the members of this council in lobbying central government to get a better deal for the people who live and work in Croydon.

"I’m passionate about Croydon and proud to be appointed chief executive of this council."