If you are waiting for a bus in the next few weeks then you will become quite familiar with this poster which is part of the Metropolitan Police’s latest advertising campaign.

The message behind the campaign is that ‘police are working to tackle the crimes that matter to you’ and as well as Croydon it is being rolled out in Greenwich, Lambeth, Lewisham and Bromley.

It aims to make people more confident about the police by raising awareness about police activity in the borough.

Messages will appear throughout the borough at locations including rail stations, bus stops and phone boxes, to let people know what police are doing in their area.

The campaign will run for two weeks before being rolled out to further boroughs at different stages over an eight week period.

In total, 15 boroughs will see the messages displayed on their streets.

This is the second time the campaign has run in Croydon, following a successful roll-out in 16 boroughs last year.