A Scotland Yard detective who worked to track down rioters will begin a round-the-world trip from the site of one of the worst-hit areas.

Julian Seal, 46, was so moved by the scenes of devastation he saw in Croydon following the riots he has taken a year’s sabbatical to drive 35,000 miles across every continent raising money for charity and spreading a message of hope to children around the world.

Beginning from the site of Reeves furniture store on July 19, Mr Seal, who has worked in the Metropolitan Police for 19 years, will take his Land Rover across Europe, through Asia, the Australian outback, Africa and the Americas, accompanied only by the official Great Britain Olympic football.

He said: “Arriving in Croydon in the aftermath of the riots was just shocking. Met Track is a charity that works to get young people away from trouble through sport.

“I wanted to come back to Croydon and begin this journey of good news.”

Mr Seal was due to visit Parish School to inspire Croydon children today, Wednesday, and is visiting schools in every continent to play football and form ties with the UK.

To find out more, donate and follow Mr Seal’s journey visit sport-trek.com.