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  • Back To The Future
  • Blade
  • The Notebook

Back To The Future 4 stars

movie title

First chapter in the blockbuster trilogy. Young buck Marty McFly travels back in time courtesy of Dr Emmett Brown and his DeLorean time machine, and comes face to face with his own parents in 1950s America. However, Marty must not negatively impact on the course of events otherwise he could stop his parents from falling in love and ultimately giving birth to him.

  • GenreAction, Classic, Comedy, Drama, Family, Family, Romance, Science Fiction
  • CastCrispin Glover, Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd.
  • DirectorRobert Zemeckis.
  • WriterRobert Zemeckis, Bob Gale.
  • CountryUS
  • Duration116 mins
  • Release01/10/2010 (selected cinemas)

The first chapter in a consistently imaginative and exciting trilogy from director Robert Zemeckis. Michael J Fox is young buck Marty McFly, who travels back in time courtesy of Dr Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and his DeLorean time machine, and comes face to face with his own parents in 1950s America. Great direction, vivid period recreation and wonderful special effects, which never intrude on the proceedings.

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Sunday 31st August 2014

Blade 2 stars

A vampire hunter goes on the murderous trail of the bloodsucker who killed his mother.

  • GenreAction
  • CastWesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, Udo Kier.
  • DirectorSteve Norrington.
  • CountryUS
  • Duration120 mins
  • Release13/11/1998

Overblown action adventure based on a popular cartoon strip in which Wesley Snipes dons the mantle as a vampire hunter ridding the world of the nasty little bloodsuckers. An emaciated Stephen Dorff tries his best to inject a little venom into a vastly underwritten role as the villain of the piece (the man responsible for killing Snipes's mother) but there's only so much he can do with the material. The set pieces are handled well by director Stephen Norrington, but they hardly make a film.

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Friday 29th August 2014

The Notebook 3 stars

Noah Calhoun regales nursing home resident Allie Nelson with an epic story of thwarted love from his notebook. He transports Allie back to the emotional upheaval of World War II where two North Carolina teens from opposite sides of the social divide fall hopelessly in love, only to be torn asunder by the bitter conflict raging in Europe.

  • GenreAdaptation, Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • CastRyan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands.
  • DirectorNick Cassavetes.
  • CountryUS
  • Duration123 mins
  • Release25/06/2004

Regardless of the obstacles thrown in its path - religion, class, politics, race, gender - love finds a way. In the picturesque coastal town of Seabrook, North Carolina, Ms Hamilton (Gena Rowlands) spends her final days battling with senile dementia in a private nursing home. Her memory has all but faded - soon she will have no recollection of her past - but on a good day, for a precious five minutes, she is able to recognise her loved ones. Fellow patient Duke (James Garner) pays regular visits to Ms Hamilton, helping her to pass the time by reading from his notebook. He regales her with an epic love story set during the emotional upheaval of World War II, in which two teenagers, Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams), from opposite sides of the social divide fall hopelessly in love. They share a magical summer together only for her snobby parents John (David Thornton) and Anne (Joan Allen) and then the war to tear the two lovers apart. Noah writes to Allie every single day but his letters are secretly intercepted by her mother. She believes he has forgotten about her; he labours under the illusion that she doesn't care enough to write back. Once the conflict is over, the former sweethearts pursue completely different courses in life on opposite sides of the country: Allie becomes engaged to wealthy businessman Lon (Marsden) while Noah adopts an almost hermetic existence, restoring a 200-year-old mansion. On the eve of her wedding, Allie sees a photograph of Noah in a newspaper and a maelstrom of old feelings bubble to the surface. The Notebook is an unabashedly romantic melodrama that plucks our heartstrings until we can take no more. Director Nick Cassavetes shoots every scene like some picture postcard: every sunset is impossibly golden, geese swoop in slow motion through the air and the landscapes are awash with rich colour. Who wouldn't fall in love in such a wonderland? Gosling and McAdams really make us care for their thwarted lovers and cope admirably with some of the syrupy dialogue. Their chemistry is molten during the erotically-charged sex scenes. Garner and Rowlands are less convincing in the present day sequences and the book's sly twist is telegraphed far too early. If you in the mood for love, The Notebook will make you swoon.

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Saturday 30th August 2014
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