A husband and wife have opened a brand new gallery with the promise of inspiring an inclusive 'one and all' approach. Jamm Art Gallery on Epsom Road, Ewell held its grand opening on Saturday, January 14, hosted by its founders Marjorie and Joe Schmetzer.

The gallery has been designed to include artists from all backgrounds and mediums whilst involving the community.

Marjorie Schmetzer said: “Art being so subjective, recognition, subsequent fame and fortune may elude many talented people who have simply slipped through the net. Joe and I purposely welcome all artists for consideration, working with all medium forms, from gouache to sculptors - our doors are always open, one and all.

We’ve already signed on some incredibly gifted individuals, some of whom are much loved in the Surrey art scene and others who are just starting out in their artistic career and may have suffered a raft of previous rejections”.

While displaying contemporary art available for purchase, Jamm Art Gallery will also offer art classes which will be open to children and adults of all abilities as well as an ‘open art class’ for artists to come and work on their own projects.

By keeping commission and exhibition costs low, Jamm Gallery hope they will be able to allow artists to exhibit their work and retain more of their income from sales as well as giving buyers the opportunity to invest early on in a new artist’s career. Mrs Schmetzer added: “Taking up a hobby such as art is known by psychologists as “flow activity” and it induces heightened feelings of happiness. Happiness is very contagious and provides the perfect emotion to nurture creativity. Our aim is to be a positive hub for the local community, and engage in outreach projects related to art”.

The gallery’s opening exhibition, LAUNCH, features the work of 12 local and international artists including Alison Orchard, David Dragon, Jane Deutsch, Marion Deacon, Karen Andor and Elize Drage.

For more information visit jammartgallery.co.uk, or email marjorie@jammartgallery.co.uk

Jamm Gallery; Epsom Road; Ewell; jammartgallery.co.uk/visit; marjorie@jammartgallery.co.uk; 020 8393 9898