Popcorn sales have hit a record high after Britain's home cinema boom, creating the highest ever demand for popcorn.

Popcorn is fast becoming the most popular snack after Brits look to to replicate the complete cinema experience in their own home.

The market has grown to branch out into different flavours including raspberry, chocolate brownie and sweet jalapeno.

The extra sales have expanded the UK popcorn market to a staggering £42 million.

Tesco snack buyer Lee Bannerman said: “Popcorn is the biggest success story in the UK snacking market for at least 10 years and has inspired a rapidly growing home industry.

“Sales began taking off a few years ago and have ironically been helped by the economic downturn as more people stay at home instead of going out for expensive trips to the cinema or theatre. When they do they want to make the most of the experience and sharing a bag of popcorn is part of that."

So strong is the demand that last year Tesco sold £7 million more bags than it did in 2010. Tesco also added a further 5 varieties of popcorn to keep up with growing consumer interest.

Lee Bannerman added: “The UK’s popcorn industry is still in its relative infancy and we can expect to see increasingly exotic flavours coming onto the market over the next few years.”