Audiences will be treated to rocky relationships, marriage mayhem, a bundle of laughs and a cricket match in Alan Ayckbourn’s popular comedy.

Stephen Beckett and Sarah Stanley star in A Cricket Match, which revolves around two marriage that are on the rocks.

The pair perform all the roles in the play, with eight characters there in total.

Celia, the headmaster’s wife, fears her marriage to Toby may be over. Toby’s best friend, Miles, a similarly troubled man, who never really knows exactly how to say what he means, is married to the flamboyant Rowena who is given to practical jokes and indiscreet affairs.

Everything comes to a head at a cricket match, where Lionel, the incompetent groundsman, has sabotaged the pitch and Miles and Toby come to dramatic blows over a dubious umpiring decision.

Touted as one of Alan Ayckbourn’s cleverest and most delightful plays, A Cricket Match takes the audience on an hilarious journey through the difficulties and complications of marital discontent.

Stephen Beckett, who has performed in Coronation Street and the Bill, is a big fan of Ayckbourn’s plays.

The ex-Croydon schoolboy is looking forward to performing at the Fairfield Halls and is confident the audience will see the humorous side of the play.

He said: “It has been a great play to do. It is very funny, especially seeing us playing all the different parts.

“We have to change costume, hair, everything and we don’t have long to do it. It is absolutely mental. There is one stage where I am basically fighting with myself in the cricket match scene.

“I have played different characters in one play before but not as intense as this.

He added: “Anyone who has ever been married, will laugh a lot. Anyone who has ever been to a cricket match will laugh a lot and anyone who likes Ayyckbourn will also laugh a lot.

“The play borders on farce sometimes but that is what will make people love it.”

Performances can be seen at 7.45pm nightly with matinees on Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm. Tickets are available from the Fairfield Box Office 020 8688 9291 or online at priced £18. Concessions £14.