Children will have the chance to discover if Viking raiders were as vicious as they claimed to be when Ewell is visited by Thorulf Hammrsson - a Viking warrior resting between raids who will demonstrate the fact behind the fiction.

Revealing why the Beserkers were so revered within Viking culture, he will show off his terrifying array of weapons and make visitors consider whether they would be brave enough to defend their home against a Viking attack.

During the afternoon, those attending will uncover the culture of the Vikings - their craftsmanship and their trade - and see how they made their own armour and minted their own coins for trade, and learn how far they travelled in pursuit of goods, land and slaves.

Vicious Vikings; Bourne Hall Museum Club; Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell; January 12; 1pm to 2.30pm; £4 per child; call David Brooks on 0208 394 1734; email