Dancing the salsa around Surbiton will be the highlight of a 'Beating the Bounds' walk on Sunday, from the madcap creators of Surbiton Ski Sundays.

Residents are invited on a ‘once in a lifetime’ exploration to the ends of the town, with the so-called Free University of Seething.

Made-up traditions, including goat-boy Lefi Ganderson, are at the heart of their community projects, attracting hundreds of people over the years.

The activities include a revival of the ‘Beating of the Bounds’, an ancient practice of walking the boundaries of a parish before the existence of maps, to reinforce the community.

Residents can learn the arcane Sardine Salsa for the event.

Charlotte Robson, from the Free University of Seething, said: “It will be a once in a lifetime experience. The 'Beating of the Bounds' is a tradition that ended before Surbiton was actually created.

“There will be a breakfast and rituals for the community to decide where the boundaries are, and everyone will be given a hand-out on which they can make notes.”

The event is lead by a UCL student who is studying Surbiton as a community.

Miss Robson said: “The idea of the walks came from him, but the people of Seething made them more interesting, in their own way.”

Explorations in Remotest Seething, L’esperance restaurant, 158 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Jan 13. 10am. Free with continental breakfast inc.

For more information search Seething Wells on Facebook.