Teenagers will perform a play set against the backdrop of the London riots.

We Lost Elijah tells the tale of teenager Elijah, his old older brother and two friends who have to get home safely while the 2011 riots are raging.

However, somewhere en route, something happens and they do not make it home together.

The play, performed by the SAVVY Theatre Company, will explore what happened to Elijah and the reasons for his disappearance.

Artistic director Sheree Vickers describes the play as a rollercoaster ride.

She says: "It’s quite fast moving - whacky is a good description.

"One of the young boys, Elijah, disappears during the riots and nobody knows what’s happened to him.

"Through the course of the play we find out what happened to him and the consequences - a lot of it is about choices.

"It’s very interesting to look at the celebrity culture - it’s a real interesting piece.

"My group are a real eclectic mix - we aren’t a traditional theatre group in a lot of ways.

We target people who might not have access to the arts, some children are home schooled, some are still in school and some with a variety of disabilities.

"We are unique in the area - for a lot of them it’s their first project. They are doing really well. They absolutely love it."

They have a cast of nine teenagers as well as people working backstage.

The youngsters are performing the play as part of the National Theatre’s Connections Festival and Vickers says they are delighted to be invited again.

A playwright and a professional director from the National Theatre will visit one of their performances, speak with the cast afterwards and give them written feedback.

If you are interested in joining the group visit savvytheatre.co.uk

We Lost Elijah; The Charles Cryer Studio Theatre, 36 High Street, Carshalton; March 1-2; 7.30pm; tickets cost £5; contact suttontheatres.co.uk or call 0208 770 6990.