Children enjoyed a messy mask-making workshop on Saturday, in the run-up to the Seething Festival.

In the first of a series of half-term events at the Lamb pub, kids of all ages tried their hands at making ‘guild’ masks, while their parents helped out with the larger scale models.

Bobi Robson, of the weekly Craft Inn, said: “It was great, loads of kids wanting to have cheeses drawn on their faces.”

Children chose their guild from the cheesemakers, taxonomists, sardine fishers, talcum miners, curriers or water-bearers.

The taxonomist, represented by a butterfly, was the most popular guild with the girls, and the cheesemaker was the boys’ choice.

Miss Robson said: “There were a lot of people getting involved in the adult side of things, to make the larger models, which is what we were hoping. It was a really successful event.”

The Seething Festival, celebrating the fictional goat boy of Surbiton, Lefi Ganderson, will be held on February 24.

Catch the next workshop, song-writing at The Lamb, on Wednesday February 20 from noon.