People jumping off walls might become a familiar sight after a parkour class relocated to the borough.

The Parkour Generations free running class takes place on Thursday evenings, with members meeting at Sainsbury's in Clapham Junction station.

Parkour, or free running, involves learning to navigate obstacles quickly and using the best method for getting over them.

The discipline originated in France and has grown in popularity since the 1990's, with 15,000 people a week in the UK thought to take part.

People taking part in the class are taken to areas with a lot of railings and walls, then put through their paces.

Classes are made up of 30 per cent of body conditioning, followed by 70 per cent of movement drills based on parkour techniques.

The class is suitable for beginners seeking guidance from a tutor, as well as experienced practitioners wanting to find new London spots.

Those wanting to take part in the class can meet the group at Sainsbury's by Clapham Junction Station at 8pm on Thursday's.

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