OhMiGod you guys, Legally Blonde The Musical is like, totally a must see!

Yes, the plot is predictable for those of you who haven’t already seen the film, but if you are after a fun, girly night out with lots of laughs, then this musical is for you.

The show based on the smash hit movie with Reese Witherspoon has made its way to the New Wimbledon Theatre and is there until October 6.

The story about Elle Woods, a pretty blonde left heartbroken when the boyfriend she thought was going to propose, breaks up with her to find someone more serious, as he is off to Harvard Law school is enhanced by a series of catchy songs.

The production has little dialogue, with the songs, with hilarious lyrics are performed with buckets of energy with slick dance routines that include both skipping with ropes and a Riverdance spoof- though not at the same time.

Listen out for my personal favourites Omigod You guys and There! Right There! which features a comical chorus of “Is he Gay or European??”

I found it impossible not to fall in love with the cast, Faye Brookes was excellent in the lead role and I was pleasantly surprised by former Pop Idol Gareth Gates’ performance as Elle’s boyfriend Warner Huntington III.

It was former Brookside actress Jennifer Ellison that impressed me the most. I didn’t really know what to expect from her portrayal of Paulette Buonufonté- Elle’s hairdresser who finds love with a delivery man in tight shorts- but her singing voice was strong and clear.

But the real scene stealers are dogs Bruiser and Rufus, who were unfazed by the ahhhhs from the audience.

If you like pink, a good love story and a feel good musical, can I suggest you book your tickets.