Best known for her role as Lady Tara Reynolds in ITV's Emmerdale, Anna Brecon stars in psychological thriller Dangerous Obsession.

As Sally Driscoll waters the plants in her conservatory, she is unaware a man is watching her intently through the window.

When he makes his presence known she finds he is not a total stranger, but perhaps her husband Mark (Ben Roddy) has more cause to remember him.

When the visitor locks the door, slipping the key into his pocket, it becomes chillingly clear he is not making a social call.

Mrs Brecon said she has enjoyed taking part in the play.

She said: "I have worked with Ben and George before and they are superb actors. It is a real pleasure to be working with them again. It is a really well written thriller, it is deeply satisfying and it has a number of twists.

"I certainly didn't see them coming and we have been told audiences were taken aback by it. The characters are brilliant and it is a pleasure to do it.

"I haven't done any thrillers before. This is very new for me. I have done serious plays and comedies, but never something like a thriller. I haven't done much screaming for a while so it is good exercise for the lungs.

"I have not performed in Croydon before either so I am looking forward to going there. It sounds like a great venue. I really enjoy touring as I love the opportunity to visit new places.It will be exciting."

Audiences are treated to a thriller not sure of breath-catching moments and nail-biting suspense.

Dangerous Obsession proceeds along a mangled trail before the nerve jangling conclusion, which is sure to leave audiences looking over their shoulders and locking doors when they get home.

Joining Driscoll on stage is Ben Roddy as her husband Mark Driscoll and George Telfer as John Barrett.

Dangerous Obsession, Ashcroft Theatre, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon, October 9 to 13, with matinees on Tuesday and Saturday; £18, concessions £14, For more information call 0208 688 9291 or visit