A famous DJ rediscovered his first love this month after a visit to his old family home in Carshalton.

First Love, a programme aired on Sky Arts 1 HD on Tuesday (February 7), saw DJ Carl Cox rekindle his passion he once had for music before he forged his DJ career.

Mr Cox attempted to "relearn" the piano; an instrument he had a love-hate relationship with since his mum made him take lessons at 8 years old.

After ditching the piano for the decks, the DJ cannot read music and relies on computers to compose his tracks.

Frustrated at not being able to play his musical thoughts with an instrument, Mr Cox faced the piano again at the age of nearly 50.

For the first time in 25 years Mr Cox drove to his old family home in Carshalton.

He said: "Everybody works from 9-5, you know you have your tea at six, you go down the pub on a Friday night and you did the whole thing again; week in week out.

He said most of the people used to know each other on Tintern Road where he lived at number 41.

He said: "On the bottom floor of the house is where the piano used to live which is where my mum used to basically make me play the piano once a week with a piano tutor.

"The top left window was my bedroom with the window being open- you could hear all the music being played- all the funk and soul and house music- anything I could get my hands on.

"This is where is all started for me and this is where my life as a DJ started; right here.

He said returning to the house was "surreal" and the place had made him who he was today.

He was also struck by the changes which had taken place in the area.

While he was stood outside his old house reminiscing, his old neighbours came out to see him.

He had a photo taken with them to show his parents who now live in Barbados.

Throughout the episode, Mr Cox learnt to play Stevie Wonder’s I Wish.

By the end of his task he managed to do his first ever live performance alongside the Brand New Heavies at Ibiza’s Café Mambo.