Former cage-fighter and gossip mag ever-present Alex Reid is planning a wedding, preparing to become a father and set to flex his sizeable muscles on the stage.

Joining up with fellow TV hunks Marcus Patrick, Hollyoaks, Danny Young, Coronation Street and Dale Howard, Big Brother, Reid will let loose and bare all in show Wildboyz.

But the 36-year-old is keen to stress this is a serious role and the tag of Wildboy is not the only side of him.

Living life in the spot-light ever since his ill-fated relationship with the one woman media whirlwind that is Katie Price, Reid maintains people are yet to see the real him.

He says: "The thing is I know who I am but I have been stereotyped by the media and by certain journalists. I’ve still got a story to tell and I don’t fell the real Alex Reid has been shown."

Playing a role that requires Reid to literally play himself should give him the ideal opportunity to portray an alternative persona, but, surprisingly for a man who spends so much time being himself on screen, the role is posing a challenge.

He says: "It is bloody hard playing yourself, trying to elicit an emotional response. I trained in the Guildford School of acting, I had had parts in films and on Hollyoaks so I am really enjoying returning to a serious acting role.

"I have made some mistakes and my association with a certain somebody affected my career, but I want to get back to doing something worthwhile and well.

"I am happy to be a celebrity for being exceptional at something. Being famous for being famous is nothing."

The play, billed as The Full Monty meets Ibiza, see the Boyz dragged into a strip-tease at a cheap Spanish hotel after being convinced to cover for an absent Chippendale act.

Reid says: "It is a lot of fun but there is definitely a rivalry between the guys, we all want to look the best.

"I’m in training for the marathon at the moment, so at a time I want to be in the gym toning up, I’m dropping weight for endurance.

"I’ll have to really put in the hours afterwards to get back into shape.

And the money question, does he keep his hat on? You’ll just have to book tickets to find out.

Wildboyz, Fairfield Halls, June 15 book tickets on 0208 688 9291.