Six former mayors have launched an unprecedented attack on Croydon's current mayor to tell him to improve his behaviour.

In a letter seen by the Croydon Guardian, Conservative Mayor Eddy Arram is criticised for not being impartial during Croydon Council debates and not allowing shadow cabinet members to ask questions to the relevant cabinet member.

Councillor Arram is also criticised by the six former Labour mayors for being rude to the public, getting councillors’ names wrong and not standing up for the public when they come under fire from councillors.

It is the first time such a letter has been written to the Mayor of Croydon warning him about his behaviour.

The tories have dismissed the letter as politically motivated.

At the last full council meeting, on October 15, there were some heated exchanges between Labour councillors and the Mayor, including Coun Jane Avis who told him it was time he showed that he could be a good mayor.

Councillor Arram was selected as Mayor of Croydon earlier this year after more than 30 years serving as a council member.

The letter is signed by Coun Jane Avis, Coun Pat Ryan, Coun Stuart Collins, Coun Shafi Kahn, Coun Maggie Mansell and Coun Toni Letts. All six of them have served as Croydon mayor.

They said they would not tolerate any further abuse from Coun Arram and they were willing to take the matter further if he did not take a more considered approach.

They wrote: "We have been deeply disappointed at the partisan way, and at times blatantly rude manner, in which you have chaired meetings of the Full Council since you have become Mayor.

They added: "Sadly it is becoming clearer that you are not prepared to place your political alliances aside as your predecessors have done, however there is still time for you to revise your conduct as Mayor of Croydon."

Leader of the Council, Mike Fisher, said he found the letter disgraceful.

He said: "I think it is a politically motivated act. It is headed up as private and confidential yet everyone seems to have seen it.

"This is clearly an attempt to undermine the Mayor for political reasons and I think it is really disappointing that former mayors have written this letter.

"I remember when I was leader of the opposition and I thought some mayors were partisan but it was dealt with privately and sensitively. It is not the way I expect former mayors to behave."