A drunk who dialled 999 and threatened to blow up a police station, kill a police officer, then himself has been jailed.

Chetan Palanee, 22, of Dunsford Way, had been drinking when he phoned police in the early hours of Wednesday, October 10.

John Gardner, prosecuting, told Croydon Magistrates' Court on Thursday Palanee made 13 calls to the police in a 50 minute period, phoning 999 each time.

Palanee told the operators that he was going to shoot a police officer, blow up Croydon police station and kill himself.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison last week after pleading guilty to a single count of making a threatening call.

After saying he wanted the police to come and arrest him, officers then went New Addington, to find Palanee.

Gardner said: "Police officers found Mr Palanee in Walton Green, leaning against a lamp post. He was drunk and could hardly stand up."

He was arrested and when questioned he told officers that he was going to continue to make calls until someone came and helped him.

Palanee had been seeing a doctor, the court was told, but said it wasn’t helping him.

He had turned to alcohol and at times was drinking 10 to 12 pints per day.

Miss Towell, defending Mr Palanee, said: "He does take responsibility for what he did. But he would have never actually carried out any of the threats he made."

Miss Towell added that Palanee had mental health problems but he denied alcoholism was a problem.

Chairman of the bench. Mrs Drage, said Palanee’s actions were very serious and as a result they would have to go beyond their usual sentencing guidelines.

He was sentenced to 21 weeks in total, which was reduced to 12 weeks for pleading guilty and time already spent in prison.

Mrs Drage said: "You made serious threats to the police.This is the sixth breach of your community order in less than a year.

"You have previous for violent behaviour and you have paid little attention to the help at your disposal."