A boxing club helping to eradicate gang culture is ready to put Croydon back in the heart of the boxing world.

Croydon Amateur Boxing Club, running since 1928, is based in Thornton Heath and aims to bring young people off the streets and away from gang culture.

The club also aims to build trust between local youths and police officers.

With youngsters from more than 15 different countries attending the boxing gym, those who work for the club are proud of its level of integration.

Adam Ballard, 26, who runs the project, joined the team in March and is already seeing the benefits of the project in the local community.

He said: "The club is doing great things in a community where the youth struggle to find positive role models and activities that do not result in anti-social behaviour.

"We are planning big, we want to put Boxing for Croydon back on the map, but more than that we want to show the rest of the nation what a bit of time and effort does to build relationships between the youth of today and those who are wary of their involvement in society.

"I want to build a place where potential gang members can come for advice and support in a friendly understanding atmosphere."

Kwasi Owusu-Amankwaa, 18, of Thornton Heath, is a member of the club and said it has helped him stay out of trouble.

The South Thames College student said: "It is going really well at the club. I joined because I had nothing to do in my spare time and I would end up hanging out in the street.

"I have been going for a year now and I have a lot more focus. I am doing extra training session with Adam and I want to become the best.

"Adam is a very good trainer and he is great with everyone at the gym."