More than sixty excited techies crowded into Matthews yard on Thursday to listen to the next instalment in Croydon becoming a tech city.

Marketer Jonny Rose, who hosted the first event in October, wants to start a movement to get Croydon to become the second tech city.

Croydon businessmen Anthony Kwilleen and Nigel Dias both spoke about the potential of Croydon being a tech city. Mr Kwilleen also spoke about the Croydon Creatives group whilst Mr Dias talked about his experience in creating new products.

Mr Rose said: "Loads of people attended to learn about the exciting world of software business, tech ecosystems, startup culture and how it could affect Croydon for the better.

"The word has clearly spread about Croydon Tech City. As far as I could tell, the crowd did not leave disappointed."

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 20 December, at Matthews Yard at 7.30pm.

If you would like to demonstrate your app or software at the next event email Jonny Rose at