A man was assaulted after he tried to protect a bakery from a burglar.

Michael Castle, 21, of Pirbright Crescent, New Addington, was punched in the face and required stitches after he spotted a man smashing the door of PMT Cupcakes bakery in Lower Addiscombe Road, at about 12.30am on Tuesday.

Mr Castle, who was with a couple of friends, was hit after he refused to give up his phone while speaking to the police about the break-in.

Mr Castle said he was approached by four black men unconnected to the break-in who demanded his phone.

When he refused one of the men stepped forward and punched him in the face before they all ran off.

He said: "He must have had a ring on or something as he cracked my skin and I had to have four stitches.

"I was trying to do something good by waiting at that shop until the police came and these guys obviously didn’t like it."

He added: "I didn’t want to leave the shop damaged. I know what it is like for small businesses as times are tough at the moment. I just wanted to help."

The man breaking into the shop, who was wearing a blue hoody, was seen running off and getting on a tram.

Police are investigating.