A drug addict thief who wrapped his booty in foil to trick supermarket security alarms has been fined and given a curfew.

Thornton Heath man Virgilio Pestana, 38, stole a computer game and some aluminium foil from Tesco in Brigstock Road on December 11.

Pestana, who lives at a hotel in Brigstock Road, used the stolen foil to wrap the computer game in an effort to trick the supermarket's security alarm.

The former chef appeared for sentence in front of Croydon magistrates this morning. Prosecutor Marsha Elias told the court: "The store detective saw him and recognised him from a previous incident and followed him around. He put the items in the basket and wrapped the foil around the DVD and left the store without paying for the items."

Pestana, who was unrepresented in court did not defend himself. He said he was receiving treatment for drug addiction and added: "I just want to apologise like I have before. That's pretty much it."

Magistrates gave pestana a two month Curfew which means he must stay at home between 9pm and 7am every day and he will pay a £60 fine.