Students at Oasis Academy Coulsdon were introduced to some interesting creatures at a special assembly last week.

An albino python, a bearded dragon and an African pygmy hedgehog were among the animals year 7 pupils got to meet and hold.

The animals were brought to the school by fish farm owner and animal breeder Peter Hovey, who talked about his livelihood and how he lived life according to his beliefs.

Evan Alvarez Ramirez had the python draped around his neck.

He said: “I thought it would be heavy but it wasn’t. I could feel his lungs as I put it around my neck.”

Junior Simpson had the opportunity to hold the bearded dragon, speaking after the experience he said: “It felt weird but I quite liked it- I’m not sure if I want one as a pet though.”

Hannah Martin, who gave the hedgehog a cuddle added: “He was so cute and kept clinging onto my fingers as it moved in my hands.  It was lovely and soft underneath.”