A former volunteer anti-social behaviour mediator convicted of a homophobic assault at her son's primary school has apologised saying the incident "should never have happened."

Diane Marquis of Songhurst Close, Croydon, was found guilty of assaulting three people at West Thornton Academy School earlier this month.

The 51-year-old carer denied she was homophobic and said she had no recollection of screaming "dirty f****** lesbians" at a same sex couple.

She said: "I knew she was gay, my son and hers are friends.

"I have nothing against lesbians or gays, I have family and friends that are gay. Maybe in anger it could have come out, but I don't remember saying it.

"If I did say it I apologise, but I am not homophobic - far from it."

The mum-of-three volunteered as a community mediator for Wandle Housing Association for two years and received 40 hours training over 10 weeks.

Anger management and non-violent communication were covered in the training, something Ms Marquis said she had in mind when the argument first started in the playground.

She said: "The woman was arguing with me and I thought, I don't want to be doing this. I had a moment of realisation and I turned away went into the school building to talk to the headmaster.

"I was a bit upset but there was no screaming or shouting. As I spoke to the teacher three women came marching at me, I felt threatened and was very scared.

"I was defending myself and when I saw three people come up to me, sometimes you can lose it."

Ms Marquis insists there was an organised conspiracy against her and said prior to the incident she believed there was no problem between herself and the parents in a civil partnership.

She added: "Of course I regret what happened, it is sad it has come to this it should never have happened. I am grateful it has not affected my son, and I have to move on."