The alleged leader of a Tamil gang told a shop owner he was the "King of London Road" and would chop of his penis and kill his family if he helped police as a witness, a court heard.

Edward Armstrong-Anton threatened and assaulted Wakeezan Manivasakam in his shop, the Phoomi Supermarket store on August 21, last year, Croydon Crown Court was told yesterday.

The jury heard the 37-year-old of Broadstairs, Kent, slapped and head butted Mr Manivasakam because he had called police and was acting as a witness in a case involving members of the Croydon gang the Jaffna Boys.

Croydon Crown Court heard Mr Manivasakam had been victim to the gang on July 22, which resulted in six men being charged with public order offences, including Shamoor Miah.

On August 14, Miah revisited Mr Manivasakam at his store to try and prevent him from testifying in the resulting court case. Miah later pleaded guilty to intimidating Mr Manivasakam.

Jurors were told Mr Armstrong-Anton went to the store on August 21, because of his affiliation with the Jaffna Boys and to tell him to stop talking to the police.

Jonathan Edwards, prosecuting, said: "At 11.45pm Edward Armstrong-Anton entered the store and remonstrated with Mr Manivasakam for going to the police. He struck, slapped, punched and head butted him.

"While he was doing this he was swearing at him and making threats against him, his family and property."

Giving evidence, Mr Manivasakam said: "He asked me ‘why are you calling the police against my boys?’ He also said I cannot run this shop without his permission.

"He repeatedly slapped me around my face about 15 times and said I should not have called the police or given the CCTV without his knowledge.

"He said if that happens he will 'go in for three years, come out and I will chop your penis off and burn down your shop.'

"He said I am the king of London Road, whatever happens I have to go to him if I have a problem."

Mr Armstrong-Anton denies one count of intimidation, but previously pleaded guilty to two counts of assault.

When questioned about his relationship with Mr Armstrong-Anton, by Lalith De Kauwe defending, Mr Manivasakam denied the pair were friends.

The case continues.