Three robbers have been jailed for stealing a teenager's iPod, wallet and phone as he walked past a hospital.

Reece Stace, 21, of Claret gardens in South Norwood, Alex day, 19, of Wingrove Road, Lewisham, and Joshua Daniel, 19, of Thorpe Road, London, grabbed the victim and robbed him outside St Helier Hospital at around 2am on June 10 last year.

Day held the 18-year-old victim while Stace and Daniel searched his pockets. The victim ran home and called police while the robbers went to the green opposite the hospital where they hid the stolen property and changed clothes in an effort to avoid being caught.

But the men were arrested after police spotted them coming out of cab office in Rosehill at around 3am.

The trio were sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on January 25 after being found guilty of robbery. Stace and Day were sentenced to 18 months in jail while Daniel was given 15 months.