A college student has spoken of the dramatic moments she found missing teenager Shelley Pratt.

Martina Edwards, 17, of Thornton Heath, was out shopping when she spotted the 14-year-old in Centrale Shopping Centre with her friends Jade Frazer and Eden Hutchinson last Tuesday.

The Carshalton College student immediately rang the police who told her to wait with Shelley until they arrived.

Shelley had been missing missing for nearly 14 weeks, sparking a widespread police search and emotional appeals from her parents.

Martina, an ex-Westwood College student, recognised the missing teen from her time at the school.

Martina said Shelley did not say much but she had been in central London recently.

She said: "I saw her on the escalators in Centrale. I went to go and get her but she had gone.

"My friend rang the police immediately to say that we had seen her and then she reappeared.

"I asked her if she was Shelley and she said she was so I asked her to wait with me. I recognised her as I used to go to Westwood as well."

She added: "It was a bit nerve racking waiting for the police to come but I am glad I could help and that she is safe."

Police first said the teenager, who had been missing for nearly 14 weeks, walked into Croydon Police station but she was infact found by Martina and her friends.

Shelley’s parents, Lisa and Tony Pratt, both spoke of their delight last week that their daughter had been found safe.

The 14-year-old phoned her mum Lisa Pratt the week before she was found and told her she was ok and that she loved her before the phone went dead.

The call is believed to have been made from a phone box near Regent Street.