A former power station employee who has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive former of cancer has appealed for former co-workers to come forward.

Kevin Shaw, 71, was diagnosed with mesothelioma - which carries a life expectancy of less than 12 months and is typically caused by asbestos exposure - in January.

He worked refitting old lights at Croydon B power station in the 1964 to 1965.

He thinks he may have got the disease due to working at the power station - whose towers are now part of IKEA in Purley.

Mr Shaw, who lived in Sanderstead before moving to Somerset in 2005, said: "I am devastated by this diagnosis as are my family as it has come out of the blue.

"Before this I was fit and healthy, enjoying an active retirement with my wife and family. I had been looking forward to enjoying my seventies, especially as I have always looked after myself and felt so well."

He has begun a course of chemotherapy, but said: "The chemotherapy is very hard and I do not know if or how long this will prolong my life as this type of cancer is particularly aggressive".

Mr Shaw is now urging for his ex-workmates to come forward to help piece together details of the power station's environment.

Anyone with any information can contact Helen Grady on 0117 930 9535.