There was standing room only in a crematorium as more than 100 people gathered to pay their respects to a man killed in the Vauxhall helicopter crash.

"Big guy with a big heart" Matthew Wood, from Brunswick Road, Sutton, died when the helicopter landed on him as he walked to his office in Wandsworth Road on Wednesday, January 16.

Friends and family gathered at the North East Surrey Crematorium in Lower Morden lane for the 39-year-old's funeral this afternoon.

Among those to pay tribute to Mr Wood, who was a manager at pest control firm Rentokil, was his sister Amanda Wood. She said: "My brother was a big, friendly giant - a big guy with a big heart. He had so much love to give.

"He would do anything to help anyone. He would not want us to be sad - he was always laughing and joking.

"I love you so much and I will never forget you."

Miss Wood, who works in Asda in Sutton, also read a poem which included the line "you forgot to teach me one last thing - how to let you go".

Friend Lee Evans also spoke about his memories of Mr Wood. He said: "He was a big, big man, with a big, big mouth and an even bigger heart.He was a quiet, gentle, caring, private gentleman and in the last 20 years we had some great times.

"What happened in the last month was unfair but we should never forget him. I love you Matt and I'll never forget you."

Mr Wood's little brother Darren told the congregation how he always looked after him and said he was privileged to have known him all his life.

Tony Horswood, an elder at Sutton Christian Centre, led the ceremony. He said: "What happened was a massive shock to each and every one of us.

"He did not feel any pain when it happened. It was over quickly. It's sad but some comfort and our memories will help us.

"He was a larger than life guy, everything about him was something you would remember. He had a sharp brain and he always believed he was right - and more often than not he was."

The ceremony ended with a round of applause for Mr Wood and one of his favourite songs - One Vision by rock band Queen.

Mr Wood was one of two people killed when a helicopter hit a crane in heavy fog near St George's Wharf Tower in nine Elms Lane. The helicopter exploded and spilt into two parts, killing the pilot. Mr Wood died when part of the wreckage landed on him.

He was well known around the area for working in the Hot Rocks record store and as a heavy metal DJ in Croydon.