Croydon North MP Steve Reed has criticised the Tory Government for failing to support victims of the riots.

Appearing on Channel 4's the Political Slot on Sunday, Mr Reed spoke with affected residents who had failed to receive any compensation for damage to their homes and businesses during the disorder on August 8, 2011.

Bushra Ahmed, who owns a property on London Road, told Mr Reed it took about a year for the insurance payment to come through, but freeholders have yet to receive the Metropolitan Police Compensation they were promised.

She said: "We were told this would all be done and the rulebook would be torn up everything would be settled and nothing has come through."

Mr Reed also spoked to Mumtaz Hassan, owner of Crystal Clean Laundrette, which was burnt down in the riots and Charlene Munroe who was forced to flee her flat with her three-year-old son.

Miss Munroe said: "We were promised a lot of help but after a couple of weeks it all fizzled out and we have received nothing."

Mr Reed called on the Conservatives to uphold the promises they made to riot victims and to go back on plans to close police station front desks in the borough.

He said: "Every promise made to local people must be met in full and please do not take police off local streets when the memory of the riots is still so strong."