A young couple from Croydon feature in a new reality show as they take on their biggest challenge- becoming parents.

Shannon, 16, and Paul, 22, from South Norwood feature in The Baby Bomb, which débuts on BBC 3 tonight.

The series of four 60 minute films, follows the lives of three young couples and a single mother, as they take on parenthood.

The families, who have never met, come together to live in the same block of flats in Lewisham for ten weeks.

The series explores the joys and difficulties of being young parents over an eventful ten-week period.

Tonight viewers will be introduced to Shannon and Paul and their baby Kasiar-Monet, who is just two weeks old. The couple who live on the same road, had never lived together prior to moving into the block.

Other couples in the show include Charlotte, 23 and Shaun, 22, and their 20-week-old son Toby, university students Madi, 21, and Pete, 24, and nine week old Finn and 24-year-old Esther and her son Elijah.

BBC Executive Producer Elliot Reed, said: "Becoming a new parent for the first time can be very stressful, and for young mums and dads having a baby is life-changing.

"This series highlights the real challenges starting a family brings first-time parents and looks at whether coming together and sharing the experience can help them through the most difficult time."

The show promises to be funny, revealing, touching and emotional.

The Baby Bomb is part of the Baby Britain season on BBC Three and airs tonight at 9pm on BBC 3.