The owner of a popular café is on the lookout for a brazen thief who stole money from his car and was caught on CCTV doing it.

Saif Bonar, who runs Matthews Yard, contacted the police after watching CCTV footage of the thief opening his car, which Mr Bonar admitted to leaving open accidently, and having a rummage around for any valuables on Friday evening.

Mr Bonar said about £12 was stolen from the car but it could have been more if the thief had spotted his wallet on the passenger seat which was underneath some McDonald’s wrappers.

The café owner posted the video on YouTube and said it was lucky the thief missed his wallet.

He said: “It isn’t the crime of the century. I didn’t lock the car properly so this person came down and had a look around and found my one was unlocked.

“He went to a lot effort for about £12 though and he missed my wallet.”

A police spokesman said they are investigating the theft but there have been no arrests at this stage.

Anyone with information, or who recognises the person in the footage should call Croydon CID on 101 quoting reference number: 3824023/13.