A Second World War bomber plane has been spotted flying over Croydon. 

The aircraft, thought to be a Junkers JU52, was sighted coasting through the skies of South Norwood on Monday morning. 

A similar plane was also spotted above Crystal Palace at 6pm yesterday, then in Waddon at around 7pm. 

Ken Burt saw the aircraft flying above his Salisbury Road home in South Norwood on Monday. 

He said: "It was flying really low, I'd say maybe 200ft. It was very slow and very loud. 

"It looked like either an old Junkers JU52 or possibly a Ford Trimotor. It had three large propellers at the front."

"I'm 60 so I when I was growing up you heard about planes a lot, so that's why I recognised it.

"I'd love to find out why it was flying because it's not every day you see one."

It is not clear why the aircraft took to Croydon's skies, but it is thought the plane may belong to German luggage firm Rimowa, which owns a JU52 and has flown it on promotional tours around the globe.

Some speculated it may have been flying to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, in which Kenley airfield played an important role August and September 1940. 

The German-manufactured Junkers JU52 played both military and civilian roles during the 1930s and 1940s, serving as a medium bomber in the war as well as transporting passengers and cargo. 

Did you see the aircraft or do you know why it was flying? Email the Croydon Guardian newsdesk on 0208 722 6351 or email chris.baynes@london.newsquest.co.uk.