A missionary from the Philippines is waiting to hear whether some of her family survived the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan.

Sister Assumpta, who has been based at The Holy Family Church in Sanderstead for seven years, has four brothers and one sister, as well as other relatives, in the Philippines.

She is currently raising money for the charity CAFOD, who have volunteers in the Philippines trying to give aid.

At least 10,000 people are feared to have been killed as a result of the typhoon, which has left thousands more without a home.

It is one of the most powerful storms on record with winds sustaining speeds of 147 mph, gusts of 170 mph and there were waves as high as 15m.

Sister Assumpta, who was in the Philippines visiting family last week, missed the storm by one day as she flew home on Thursday.

The 38-year-old has a sister and two older brother who live in Pilar and two brothers who live in Cebu City on Cebu island.

Both places were hit badly by the storm, with 63 people being reported dead so far in Cebu.

Miss Assumpta heard from her sister and brothers in Pilar on Tuesday morning and they are now helping trying to get food and aid to those whose homes were destroyed.

She is still waiting to hear from her other brothers in Cebu as communications are still down.

A devout Christian, Miss Assumpta said she is praying not just for her family but for the thousands of people who are currently without homes, food and water.

She said she appreciated the support from the church.

Miss Assumpta said: "It is very worrying for me as I have been unable to contact a lot of my family due to the damage caused by the storm.

"Thankfully one of my sisters and one of my brothers is ok but I am still waiting to hear about the others and my other relatives and friends.

"My family are helping those who need supplies. My main concern is the people in our area and helping them, there are so many victims.

"I really would encourage people to support charities like CAFOD as well as we try and help those effected."