A family which was “at the heart of serious antisocial behaviour” on an estate found themselves kicked out of their home just before Christmas.

Sheryl Pillai and her family are banned from entering the home in Freelands Avenue, Monks Hill, after a three-month closure order was obtained at Camberwell Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrates heard evidence about a string of criminal incidents and anti-social behaviour at the housing association property dating back to when Pillai and her extended family moved there in April 2012.

It started off as low-level nuisance, such as parties and late-night noise, but, by October last year, there was a surge in antisocial activity and an increase in the number of calls made to police regarding the address.

During this month large groups of young men were hanging around the house and committing anti-social behaviour including letting off fireworks in the street and breaking windows.

Police were called to disperse the youths on several occasions.

Police Constable Fred Morgan, of the Croydon police antisocial behaviour team, said: “This household was at the heart of some serious antisocial behaviour in the Monks Hill area over the past few months.

“Despite numerous attempts to engage with the family, they refused to improve their behaviour and even became aggressive towards the people that were trying to help them.”

Cabinet member for community safety Councillor Simon Hoar said: “The police and council’s antisocial behaviour teams worked closely with Amicus Horizon to quickly obtain a closure order on the address; this has already resulted in a dramatic fall in the number of calls regarding antisocial behaviour in the area.

“This sends a clear message that acts of persistent and serious anti-social behaviour will be dealt with swiftly and very decisively.”

The order expires on March 23 and the housing association, Amicus Horizon, has started possession proceedings on the property.

After the application for the order was adjourned twice at Croydon Magistrates’ Court, it went through uncontested by the occupier on December 23.

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