Patients are being asked for their views on the quality of care at Croydon University Hospital in a bid to improve services.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is holding two public meetings where people can give their opinions to the Trust chief executive John Goulston and clinical staff.

All comments received will be recorded so steps can be taken to make improvements.

The Listening into Action (LIA) meetings are being held at Oasis Restaurant, Croydon University Hospital, on January 20 from 5pm to 7pm and January 22 from 6pm to 8pm.

Booking a space is essential by calling 020 8401 3209 or online.

The Trust has also introduced a ratings programme where patients are given tablet computers to record what they think of their care while they are in hospital.

Results are then uploaded on to the hospital’s computer system so staff can identify and respond to issues as they develop.

The Trust's chief executive John Goulston said: “LIA has been our way of listening to staff and acting on what they tell us so we can make positive changes in patient care.

"For example refurbishments in the outpatients waiting area, helping patients leave hospital more promptly and dementia friendly signs across the Trust - LIA has made a real difference to how we work and the physical environment at the Trust.

“We want to hear what local people have to say about our services – both good and bad – and use what we hear to help plan improvements.

"At the same time, new digital technology means we can collect the views of hospital patients as they receive care and treatment – these are two very different but equally important ways we can listen and act of what patients tell us.”