Rock band the Spin Doctors will prove they are more than just a one hit wonder when they perform next month, writes Andy Bloss.

To the wider world, the Doctors (as they are known by their fans), are the band behind huge 1991 hit Two Princes, as well as tunes like Little Miss Can’t be Wrong and Pocket Full of Kryptonite.

But in 2013, lead singer Chris Barron, drummer Aaron Comess, guitarist Eric Schenkman and bassist Mark White went back to their blues roots as they released their new album The River Was Whiskey.

The American band, who spent their early days picking up any gigs they could on the New York circuit, are now playing at venues across Europe.

In February they are travelling to London, Amsterdam, Paris and Belgium as they showcase songs new and old.

And when they come back to Croydon it will be like taking a step back in time as one of the first gigs they played outside of the United States was at the Croydon Cartoon, which has since closed.

Their new album, which is very much rooted in the blues, has hit the right notes, with lead singer Chris Barron saying they have had some of the best reviews ever.

He says: "We have actually had the best reviews for an album we have done, which has been very nice, we have done something right I guess.

"We have never done a straight up blues album before. We have managed to sound old school without being crust and clichéd and all the songs are original."

He describes how one of the first gigs the band ever did outside of the States was at the now closed Croydon Cartoon.

He says: "There were some blokes in there who thought we were from Mars but they followed us around to the rest of our gigs.

"I ran into one of those guys a little while ago in New York City. Yes, we're very much looking forward to coming back."

What can the audience expect from the gig?

"We will be playing stuff from our new record If The River Was Whiskey and plenty of the fan favourites. They can expect us to play our guts out. We work really hard on our songs so you don’t have to worry about listening to a bunch of crap just to hear the songs you know."

Barron adds: "If you honestly don't think we played our hearts out, I'll buy you a pint. We're pretty damned entertaining, the guys can really play and people seem to like my singing."

The Spin Doctors, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, Croydon, February 21. 8pm, £16.50, go to or call 02086889291.