Weight Watchers teamed up with Croydon’s mayor to promote the benefits of healthy eating.

The event, which took place at Fairfield Halls, was organised by Weight Watchers as they look to advertise their new style of meetings.

Mayor Councillor Yvette Hopley was in attendance as she helped promote having a healthy diet.

Weight Watcher members lost a collective 281 stone last year and are being challenged to beat the total this year.

Coun Hopley said: “At a time when the obesity crisis is at the forefront of national news, it was a pleasure to meet with local residents who have taken control of their eating habits and achieved a healthy weight.

“In order to change people’s relationships with food, education is essential and it is very encouraging to see local residents turn up and gain advice about achieving a healthy weight.”

For more information about Weight Watchers in Croydon contact Tasha Boxill on 07944 576566 or email nboxill@weight-watchers.co.uk.