There are much verse lessons to be had than those enjoyed at Riddlesdown Collegiate on Friday, when acclaimed poet Luke Wright dropped by to talk to teens.

The wordsmith brought English classes to life in a poetry workshop with the Purley secondary school's Year 10 pupils, who he helped to create their own characters then pen a poem on them.

Wright, who has published four books and whose poems include Fat Dandy and Have a Gong!, encouraged youngsters to look at metre, rhyme, form, story-telling techniques, imagery and metaphor through exciting and unusual examples.

Philippa Bigden, the school's assistant director of learning, said: "Luke Wright offers a fantastic opportunity for students to understand and engage with poetry in a completely different and contemporary way.

"He provides a forum for young people to begin to understand that poetry isn’t just something they study in an anthology, but actually something they can identify with, be entertained by and ultimately enjoy and learn from".

Wright began writing and performing poetry in his teens, regularly appears on BBC radio and has written two verse documentaries for Channel 4. He began leading poetry workshops in schools in 2004.