Inspectors have condemned a nursery after a child went missing.

Schools watchdog Ofsted criticised Selhurst Children's Centre Nursery for "chaos" that led to a young boy being found alone on the street outside.

It branded management of the council-run nursery, in Dagnall Park, and the well-being of its children inadequate.

Ofsted had been called into inspect the centre in November following the incident, in which the child wandered outside unsupervised at the start of the day.

The nursery said the child was found "soon after" going missing  by a staff member.

But a report by inspector Debra Davey said: "Staff have failed to keep children safe in the level of supervision they provide as children arrive and leave the setting. These times of the day remain poorly managed by staff. 

"This is because they become very busy as many parents and children arrive at the same time, crowding into the foyer.

"Parents and staff spend considerable time looking for children's coats and belongings which adds to the chaos."

She added visitors to the nursery were poorly supervised, potentially jeopordising children's safety.

The safety concerns meant Ofsted rated the nursery inadequate overall, despite praising its contribution to children's learning.

Penny Nicholls, acting head of Selhurst Children's Centre, said a raft of new measures had been implemented to safeguard children.

She said "We are taking it very seriously and we feel quite confident that when Ofsted return they will see we have addressed the issues.

"A nursery gate has been installed at the front of the building and we now make sure that there are two members of staff at the inner doors when children are arriving and departing.

"Parents are asked to wait outside, rather than in the reception which is quite a small area so that it is not so crowded. Long-term, we we are looking at the costing of a canopy area so that parents are out of the rain and wind when they are waiting."

She added: "I have spoken with parents and explained what we are doing and why we are doinng it and they have been very supportive."

The nursery, which opened in 2006, has 99 children enrolled and employs 17 staff.