In a nod to Superman, men are being encouraged to grab their pants and wear them outside their clothing for London’s first Y-Front Run.

Taking place in Addington Park, Croydon, on May 11, the idea came about when organisers Jo Brazier and Hollie Chant, 26, were taking part in a Race for Life event.

They realised there was nothing similar out there for men to fundraise for cancer charities so after starting with Hastings last September are organising seven runs this year.

The men only 5km events are to raise awareness and money for treatment for research, treatment and palliative care for men’s cancers.

Croydon Guardian: Runners setting off on the first Y-Front Run

Miss Brazier said: "It has taken women a long time to be more aware and check themselves and we are told the men are slipping under the net.

"We did some research before the Hastings run and we found out men could be embarrassed when we said it was to raise awareness about testicular cancer and it was their wives who said ‘I do Race for Life and so you have to do this’.

"In Hastings they really went for it and got into the spirit of it and it really touched us.

"Some of them had lost wives to cancer and some of them have had testicular cancer."

Croydon Guardian: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman on the Y-Front Run


The 44-year-old added: "If you want to do something that is so different to anything else that is around then sign up and come along."

The organisers (pictured below) are hoping for about 700 men to run in Croydon’s race.

Croydon Guardian: Y-Front Run organisers Hollie Chant and Jo Brazier

There is no age limit although people under the age of 16 will need to run with an adult.

Entry to the event costs £9.99, including a goody bag and a medal.

Email for more details about signing up.

The organisers are also looking for businesses to get involved and provide sponsorship for the event and anyone interested should email the address above.

All money raised is going to Cancer Research UK, Balls to Cancer and St Christopher’s Hospice.