A husband who never let his wife lose hope that they would one day have a family, despite suffering nine miscarriages and the loss of their premature son, has been nominated for a national award.

Rebecca and Anthony Hoffman, from Purley, first started trying for a baby in 2000 but then experienced nearly a decade of miscarriages as a result of Mrs Hoffman having polycystic ovary syndrome.

In 2010, Mrs Hoffman was rushed to hospital after suffering a pre-labour rupture of membranes when she was 21 weeks pregnant and she had to have an emergency cervical stitch put in.

This was taken out a week later after her waters broke and she gave birth to their son Antony.

He was too young to survive and died two days later.

Mrs Hoffman fell pregnant again in 2012 and she had another cervical stitch at 10 weeks before being put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

While she rested her husband looked after her and their two recently adopted children, Jayden, six, and Ruby-May, five.

And in June last year, after years of waiting, Mrs Hoffman had an emergency c-section to deliver their son Jack, who was born happy and healthy at 38 weeks.

Because of all his support Mrs Hoffman, 35, nominated her husband for the Asda Courage Award, which is part of the Tommy’s Awards.

She said: “It was a stressful pregnancy and I’m sure I was a nightmare to live with, but my husband gave me so much encouragement and kindness.

“ Anthony had so much going on with our new children and with me on bed rest in a panic state, but he never complained once.

“When I was on the verge of giving up, he was the person I would cry to and the person I would laugh with.

“He’s a wonderful father, an inspiration to others and a constant reminder than you should never lose hope or give up.”

The Tommy’s Awards, in partnership with Bounty, recognises individuals who make a difference to families all over the UK, and in particular, those whose lives have been affected by pregnancy complications, or the loss of a baby.

The ASDA Courage Award celebrates a couple or individual who faced a difficult road to becoming a parent, but made it through the heartbreak with outstanding courage.