At least three more years of financial hardship lie in store for Croydon’s biggest healthcare provider whose deficit is expected to rise to £42m.

The Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group is forecasting a deficit of £19m for this financial year and to do this it will have to make substantial savings.

And within three years it is expecting the deficit to be more than £40m.

According to the CCCG’s financial forecasts this deficit will not increase, and will then be termed as a run rate balance, but it is not clear how the group will pay the money back to NHS England.

The CCCG is fully responsible for planning and buying healthcare services for people and patients in Croydon across non-emergency hospital care, urgent emergency care, mental health and the majority of community health services.

And it says it has got permission from NHS England to run the organisation with a deficit, meaning it will not have to make cuts to services.