Pay-and-display charges are being cut and the cost of parking permits has been frozen, Croydon Council has revealed.

Permits for residents, visitors, businesses, doctors and charities will remain unchanged for the next financial year.

Charges for drivers with disabilities and those with alternative-fuel vehicles will also stay at the current rates.

And the council hopes reducing pay and display charges will boost trade by encouraging customers for businesses to park for short periods.

Short-stay pay-and-display charges will be reduced from April 7.

Fifteen minutes parking at Campbell Road, Elmwood Avenue, Hathaway Road, Nova Road and Kidderminster Road will be 30p (currently 60p); 30 minutes will be 50p (currently £1.10).

At Broad Green Avenue parking for 30 minutes will be 30p (currently 60p).

The cost of parking for 30 minutes to eight hours at Purley Rise and Russell Hill Road will range from 20p to £1 (currently 40p to £2.50).