Residents have said they hipe to avoid evacuating their homes, as emergency services battle against flooding.

The flooding in Kenley, parts of Purley and Whyteleafe is being treated as a major incident with Croydon Council braced for the situation to worsen over the next few days.

With more heavy and persistent rain forecast over the weekend the council is on high flood alert.

Work is taking place around the clock to pump water in order to manage the rising levels along the Bourne and surrounding areas.

The fooding is worst in Whyteleafe, where Thelma Choppin, 73, of Godstone Road, saïd: "We had floods in 2000 and the water was going right up the road and there was a boat along there.

"It's not on my patio at the moment but it could come that way and they say it could get worse at the weekend.

"They are talking about evacuating us from here but I've said I will long as possible. If it comes to it my daughter says I can stay with her.

"The council man came today and I said if I have to get out I will go and stay with my daughter.

There's no water on my patio at the moment but they have forecast quite a lot of rain again for the weekend."